Rosa will not name drop her people, but refers to them as “Quinoa” and you may “Couscous” depending on Boyle’s demand

Rosa will not name drop her people, but refers to them as “Quinoa” and you may “Couscous” depending on Boyle’s demand

At the same time, Terry and Holt has determined brand new mystery voice regarding broadcast inform you. Terry enthusiastically calls in together with address. However, he had been completely wrong. Terry apologizes so you’re able to Holt getting wrangling your to the a good frivolous video game, nevertheless the second understands that he’d fun. He appreciated wasting day towards one thing fruitless. How extremely not Holt out of him.

Quinoa sets the brand new kibosh on the matchmaking via text message

Next, we see Boyle was drilling Rosa which have a plethora of inquiries. Sadly, the process fell in short supply of success. Boyle releases several other strategy – he cravings Rosa to hang upside-down because of the this lady foot therefore bloodstream often hurry with the “decision-making” element of the woman notice. For example a bat!

Second, Jake interrogates this new sports athlete which have Amy when you look at the pull. The newest light bulb films on the, and you can Jake finds out one Gina is actually the actual tattler. Gina discovers Jake and she teaches you your second try going down a detrimental street in the twelfth grade. Brandon would’ve produced Jake’s life infinitely even worse. Including, Brandon are missing in the reunion because the he had been into parole and you can taboo to go out of Delaware. Jake is irritated with Gina to have making it possible for to get this new scapegoat for two ages. Perhaps not toight, neither is it noice.

Rosa fully life the woman insights call at the new discover and you may exploring her sex

BROOKLYN 9-9 – “The fresh new Tattler” Occurrence 603 – Pictured: (l-r) Andy Samberg given that Jake Peralta, Melissa Fumero since Amy Santiago – (Photos by the: Vivian Zink/NBC)

Later on, Holt with Terry, Hitchcock and you can Scully for another round of your broadcast show online game. The guy cannot wait in order to regale Kevin along with his newfound education – one to having fun should be senseless. Introducing lifestyle towards the most of the human race, Holt.

Next, Gina was talking to various other classmate on the committing to her bogus software tip. Unfortuitously, the guy does not want to remain working together along with her after finding that she is sleeping. Jake swoops in the and provide an outstanding address elevating the Linetti on sky. However, told you classmate in addition to admits that he is actually sleeping from the with experience with startups.

Meanwhile, Rosa remains dangling upside-down. Boyle’s measures is actually futile, and you may Rosa is actually no strategies closer to determining just who she wants to time. Boyle reviews this particular operate generally helps to make the choice for Rosa. Ergo, Rosa will stick with Couscous. I really like couscous more than quinoa anyways.

Today, Jake and you may Gina are having a speak. Jake apologizes for being troubled which have Gina towards tattler part. He understands that she got his needs planned. Jake urges Gina to place their skills to raised have fun with – end the new 99th precinct. In the event that she really wants to run her very own organization, she is always to focus on that. Gina requires Jake’s suggestions and you may vocally claims their decision to stop this new 9-nine. My cardio is completely busted, but I really hope we shall hear away from Gina running her own kingdom later on.

12 months six is out to a fantastic initiate, and i also know Brooklyn Nine-9 keeps you to impetus heading. I feel as if the fresh new shift so you can NBC are a small refresher for the series by itself. First and foremost, we know you to definitely Peretti will receive this lady swan song in the near future. This is the very first time we’ll handle a primary reputation departure. Aside from, you will find however the latest newlyweds lifetime of Jake and Amy to participate with. The choices is endless. Is in hopes we obtain to understand more about those individuals uncharted seas from inside the Year 6!

Exactly how outlandish and you will fabulous do you believe Gina’s “swan tune” is? Have a tendency to Holt retaliate facing Commissioner Kelly? Speaking of Kelly, is the fact that term away from Scully’s girlfriend or his canine? Sign-up me personally in the future as i review Brooklyn Nine-Nine, here to your Technical Woman Power.