How to Maximize the Success of Board Portals

Board portals allow team members to access important information and perform their tasks on any mobile device that is web-connected. This accessibility facilitates smooth communication and improved engagement. Board management software has become increasingly crucial to good governance with boards of directors meeting more often and deal with more information than ever before. This has led to a move away from manual processes, outdated products, and toward modern efficient solutions for boards portals that handle meeting-related workflows as well as facilitate preparation for board members and organize important documents.

To ensure the best possible performance of your board portal, it’s important to devise and implement an extensive training plan. Create a list of every board member and calculate their level of tech proficiency (tech proficient or average). Using this data, reach out to your technology-challenged board members and schedule individual remote training sessions with your board portal vendor in advance of the board-wide rollout. These sessions will ensure that all board members are provided with the tools needed to utilize the portal effectively and efficiently.

Modern board portals also facilitate meeting planning by facilitating agenda management and meeting minutes management. Board meetings can be automatically scheduled by synchronizing the calendars of all members. Attendance can be easily tracked. With one click, agenda items can be converted to draft minutes and circulated to members for approval. Additionally, board members can continue to work between meetings by adding tasks and completing them within the portal.