At the conclusion of the three weeks the images was basically finished

At the conclusion of the three weeks the images was basically finished

For a change, planning on no alternative way which he could to do his end, the brand new queen summoned their three daughters-in-law, and said, “The spouse of your own individual who are able to mark this new prettiest picture on structure away from my personal chamber within this about three days will ensure it is me on throne.”

Thus 1 day is actually repaired on matrimony and unit built for the fresh new ceremony, additionally the bridegroom’s cluster went along to the brand new bride’s house, therefore the relationship taken place during the due function, plus the bride to be is actually escorted so you’re able to their husband’s household

When the king visited examine them, the guy unearthed that Chonguita’s is undoubtedly the fresh prettiest, and therefore Wear Juan try crowned king.

Good meal occured regarding the castle in honor of the fresh new queen. Amid the latest activities Don Juan turned extremely furious along with his spouse for insisting he moving along with her, in which he hurled their unique up against the wall surface. At this brutal step brand new hallway out of the blue turned black; but eventually it turned into brilliant once more, and you can Chonguita had been transformed into a gorgeous lady.


A long time ago there is certainly a youthfulness exactly who regularly herd buffaloes; so that as he noticed their pet graze the guy pointed out that just during the noon each day an effective she-puppy accustomed generate the cure for a beneficial ravine, in which there had been some swimming pools off h2o. It made him interested and he wondered so you can just who they belonged and you may what it performed regarding the ravine. So the guy age the guy hid himself and you may spotted that when it have got to water, it shed their puppy body, and you will away moved a beautiful maiden and started to bathe. Incase she got complete bathrooms she wear your skin and turned your dog once again, and you will went over to the brand new community. The fresh herdboy adopted her and saw towards exactly what domestic she entered, and then he inquired so you can who our home belonged. Which have found out about they, he returned to his performs.

That season the fresh herdboy’s parents felt like it absolutely was time for him so you’re able to get married and you will began to Indonesiska kvinnlig research throughout the getting a wife to have him. But the guy revealed he had made up his attention to features a puppy having his wife, and then he cannot get married a human girl.

Men and women chuckled from the your to have such as for example an amazing suggestion, but he might never be went. Therefore at last it determined that the guy must really have the fresh heart away from a dog inside the him, and that it try best to assist him has actually his own means. Thus their parents requested your if or not there was people particular dog he would need to has actually getting his fiance, and he gave the name of your own man into whose home he had monitored your dog that he got viewed going for the ravine. The master of canine chuckled at the thought one anyone should desire to marry their own, and happily accepted a beneficial bride’s rates on her.

Per night when their husband was sleep, the newest bride to be familiar with leave the latest dog’s skin and you will go out of our home. Of course, if their unique spouse revealed it, he one-night just pretended to see bed and you will place enjoying their. Whenever she was about to leave the room the guy popped up and stuck hold of their particular and you may overpowering your dog skin, tossed it with the flames, where it had been burnt so you can ashes. Therefore his bride remained a female, however, she are greater than peoples charm. It soon became recognized from the village, and everybody congratulated the brand new herdboy towards their skills inside the marrying an excellent puppy.